Conserve Malaysia’s mangrove forests by growing 300, 000 trees by 2023


At UMW, sustainability is integral to our journey of value creation. Our sustainability agenda drives us to deliver excellent products and services; while creating long-lasting positive impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Our commitment towards the environment begins with ensuring that all of our commercial and manufacturing activities are managed according to the highest environmental standards. We further strive to enhance our green energy consumption and continue to introduce new, green-label products to the market. We are now proud to add UMW Green Shoots to the list of how we translate our sustainability agenda into real positive action.

Defend Against Climate Change

Mangroves sequester up to 5X more carbon than tropical rainforests; making it one of the planet’s best defense against climate change.

Sustain Population

Mangroves provide a means of living for coastal communities and contributes to food security for a growing population.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Mangroves protect coastal populations from physical damage caused by storms, tsunamis and floods. It also plays a vital role in preventing soil erosion and maintaining water quality & clarity.

Safeguard Biodiversity

Mangroves serve as a unique habitat and shelter for both marine and land organisms – from fish to birds, monkeys to mollusks – they are invaluable to the overall health and biodiversity of our planet.

Creating a base of environmental literacy and stewardship for today’s youth